Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fingers Twitching


Last week I posted an article about epilepsy and aura. It was interesting to note the comments left by some of our members.

Ejard and Peng Kwee shared that they experienced hearing difficulty prior to their seizures. Billy had twitching in his elbows or cramps in his fingers warning him of potential seizures. Shanthi's brother also had twitching in his fingers. Occasionally his eyes turned very red and looked tired out before a seizure.
In my entire lifetime of seizures I had only on two occasions felt some indifferent sensation in my head prior to my seizures. I felt dizzy and light headed.

For many auras are easily recognizable and for some it can take a long while for their auras to be recognized. Some auras are accurate indicators of seizures and some are not.

Below are some common types of aura before a seizure.
Déjà vu (a feeling of being there before but never have).
Racing and confusing thoughts.
Visual loss/blurring
“Strange” feelings
Pleasant feelings
Dizzy or lightheaded
Odd sounds
Nausea or other stomach feelings.
Numbness or tingling in part of the body
Jamais vu (a feeling that something is very familiar but it isn’t).

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