Thursday, March 5, 2015

Epilepsy and Aura

Epilepsy and Aura

Even though I knew my wish would be for the impossible I still wished for it during last Christmas - all I wanted for Christmas was a cure for my epilepsy. Then came New Year and again I made the same wish.
I believe my wish is also the wish of every person with epilepsy. While a small percentage of people with epilepsy live to share their success stories of how surgeries had rendered them being permanently seizure free, a big portion of us are dependent on medications to offer us good control of our seizures.

Whilst wishing for a cure is being unrealistic in my case, my next immediate wish is to be blessed with some kind of aura for my seizures and I know Shanthi Ballu and Jacqueline Lim's brothers would also wish for the same. Mohd Shafizal shared that each time he had an aura he would cancel his job appointments which required him to drive. His freelance job gave him the opportunity to rest at home whenever he had an aura.

Except on two occasions my generalized seizures always strike me without any aura warning me before hand. Cuts, bruises, bleeding, cracked jaw bone, broken teeth and swollen lumps are some common injuries I have experienced. Kim Chin shared with us about some of her brother's injuries. Her brother's facial features and head have been badly injured as a result of his uncontrolled seizures and he is wearing a protection head gear to prevent further head and facial injuries.

A Cantonese saying goes like "No fish, shrimps are just as good." For people with epilepsy the saying probably goes like "No cure, auras are just as good." Auras give us the benefit of settling down in a safe place/position before a seizure takes place and in that way a lot of injuries would be prevented.

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