Sunday, February 14, 2010


A week before celebrating the above, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year which fall on today, I strolled along the streets of the city and saw big crowds of shoppers busy bargaining and shopping for Valentine's gifts and Chinese New Year (CNY) gifts. Guys and girls spend long hours of their time paying special attention in buying presents for each other. Housewives shop for CNY delicacies to cook special CNY dishes for reunion dinners. Shopping complexes do roaring sales in all consumer items.

So much money, efforts and time were spent and put to great length to ensure everyone gets to have two joyful, beautiful, meaningful and happy occasions to celebrate. I had always been in awe on how quickly people are spontaneous to such celebrations. On the contrary, very often people are slow, non receptive and lack the initiative to respond to "Purple Day for Epilepsy, Walk for Epilepsy, Jeans Day for Epilepsy and other health causes". Donating generously towards such causes would make people think twice.

I wonder how people will react and respond to " Happy Epilepsy Day " if there is one that is celebrated universally every year. Will people shop for all things in purple? Donate generously to Epilepsy Societies? It will definitely be awesome if people would.

My family & I on a public street that was temporarily closed to cater for CNY stalls

In front of Chinatown arch

A CNY lion dance that was followed by burning of firecrackers

Wishing everyone Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year of The Tiger 2010


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exactly 2 years

My blog is 2 years old today. I would like to thank everyone who visits my blog for their constant support and uplifting comments. It has been two great years of blogging where I had opportunities to discuss and share with readers, people with epilepsy and caregivers from around the world through epilepsy chatrooms, facebook, epilepsy blogs and twitter.

Undeniably, blogs are one of the best tools available for anyone to reach out to the public. It is my sincere hope that my blog will continue to touch, inspire and uplift many souls as I continue to write and share from my own experiences and knowledge gained from others concerning epilepsy.

May all of you who read my blog reap bountiful returns in terms of knowledge of epilepsy and as a result offer your full understanding and acceptance of people with epilepsy who struggle to lead normal lives in a world shrouded with myths, misconceptions and mysteries surrounding epilepsy.