Friday, July 12, 2013

Enlighten-Action for Epilepsy, Hong Kong

Hello Serene

I spent some time on your blog and found it to be quite inspiring. I admire your dedication to epilepsy awareness.

I write to you on behalf of Enlighten-Action for Epilepsy (,  a Hong Kong charity that aims to raise epilepsy awareness and improve the quality of life of those affected by epilepsy in Hong Kong. 

There are almost 70,000 people with epilepsy in Hong Kong, but most of them live in silence for fear of being discriminated against or socially excluded. The prejudice is all the more prevalent in this part of the world where, until June 2010, one of the Chinese characters (Dean), the word for epilepsy (Dean Gan Tsing), was synonymous to ‘being crazy.”  

This year is our tenth anniversary and one of our main projects is a coffee table book that depicts stories of love and courage by people, both locally and internationally, affected (directly or indirectly) by epilepsy.

If you are willing to write a couple of sentences (1-4) about your story to be included in the book, we would be extremely appreciative. It will feature on a page with contributions from others around the globe in an effort to show the people of Hong Kong that they are not alone with their struggles with the often misunderstood condition. Your words will help show that the international community supports them and that people with epilepsy live normal and fulfilling lives.

I sincerely thank you for reading this message. Your support would make a huge difference.



Thursday, July 11, 2013


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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Benefits of Gardening.

Gardening for people with epilepsy and other disabilities

Since last March I had become an ardent fan of gardening.  Although I had planted my first lady finger plants at the age of 12 and later, at the age of 14, planted some Chinese Choy Sum and Kang Kong, I never really ventured seriously into vegetable planting.

Last year signified my serious pursuit and longing for a mini backyard vegetable plot.  From my planting experience of my young days,  I knew in heart that gardening would be the best form of therapy for all my body aches.

Most epilepsy anti convulsant drugs have a side effect of depleting calcium in a patient's bone mass.  My calcium level is in the osteopinia zone according to my annual blood test result.  For this, I need to have extra intake of calcium supplement and Vitamin D in order to prevent my calcium level from falling  nearer to the osteoporosis zone. 

 I must say, morning gardening is the best form of exercise for me so far.  Morning sunlight provides me free of charge (FOC) Vitamin D.  Squatting, bending, weeding, loosening of earth, repotting, kneeling and watering activities had all my body muscles working to the max, as a result, my body aches over the months had gradually diminished to my great delight.  My calcium level has also improved with my latest test result indicating a border line
 normal level.  Amen to God.

For my spiritual life, I get closer to God in the morning quiet hours.  I always pray and give thanks to God for His healing properties associated with gardening.  Such great gifts that God had created and offered to us, I encourage each and everyone to start venturing into gardening of any kind.  I can assure everyone who does gardening work will reap positive benefits and great satisfaction, especially when it is harvesting time.

For people with disabilities, gardening may help to improve:
  • Communication and social skills – from being involved in groups and community activities
  • Fitness – gardening is a great physical activity
  • Confidence – gardening helps to develop a range of new skills
  • Wellbeing – gardening is a great way to relax and reduce stress levels
  • Physical ability – through improved motor skills
  • Nutrition – gardening provides an opportunity to learn about healthy food
  • Knowledge – it’s a chance to learn about the environment and nature
  • Enjoyment of life – gardening is a wonderful leisure activity where tasks and routines can be varied and shared. 

 (Sourced from

( Photos of some of my plants and crops )

Thursday, May 23, 2013



God answers prayers and I can testify to this.  God had on countless times and in numerous ways answered my prayers which always left me flabbergasted, in gratitude and profound gratefulness.  Our heavenly Father  is just like our worldly loving father.  Before we approach Him with our prayers He already knows the context of our prayers.  He is a loving, wonderful, patient, caring, comforting, graceful, healing and living God.  He forgives us our transgressions and iniquities and gave His life for us in the form of His Son dying on the cross in order that we may have eternal salvation.  Hallelujah to God on High.

One of my recent prayers was to know a few more Godsend friends.  Jennifer Tan is a Godsend friend in my church (Kuala Lumpur Wesley Methodist Church).  She is a pianist and plays the piano for our church morning service choir at 9.00am.  Early last year I had participated in the choir for a short stint of time.  Because of  recurrent chronic body aches and sore I stopped singing in the choir. 

It was during the few sessions of choir practices that Jennifer and I exchanged warm friendly smiles of greetings.  Since I was part of a few alto singers, Moses our conductor, had us seated in the first row of the chapel seats which was located directly opposite Jennifer at the piano. I seldom have opportunities to have a few words with Jennifer as there was normally a constraint in time.  All of us would have to quickly adjourn from the chapel to the church sanctuary to start service on time. 

After church service, I usually do not stay back in Church but quickly return home with my hubby to prepare and cook lunch.  Last Sunday was an unusual Sabbath day. I was queueing at the church canteen line to pack lunch.  I noticed chicken rice was on sale.  Instead of packing it home, my hubby, son and myself had lunch in the canteen.  It was during this time I saw Jennifer talking with some of her friends.  She waved and smiled at me and I did the same.  I was about to finish my lunch when I saw Jennifer waved and signalled to me to join them at their table. 

I went over to greet Jennifer and friends.  Her friends left after a brief moment of introductions giving Jennifer and I a "God arranged" precious moment to get to know each other.  Our friendly conversations  had God at the centre place and we realised we shared some similarities in opinions.  Sharing with Jennifer for the first time was almost like sharing with a long acquainted friend.  I was not on guard (I usually am when talking to new faces).  The recluse part of me, temporarily aborted, I was chattering with Jennifer like " Woody Woodpecker hard at work - peck peck peck and happily pecking".

Our conversations hit the right chords from the beginning till end and I wished it did not have to end but Jennifer had to play the piano for the choir practice at 12.30pm.  We parted at the canteen after exchanging our mobile nos. and email addresses. 

My family and I, as always, had a wonderful and meaningful time worshipping God in church last Sunday.  For me, I had a bonus.  I got to know Jennifer.  Jennifer and I have been in touch through sms and emails since last Sunday evening.  Amen Amen, all thanks and glory to God who answered my prayer.

I am very proud to share with everyone Jennifer's feedback of my blog.

Dear Serene,

A very good morning to you!

I stepped in office early, just like any other morning and after checking out God’s message for me, I went to your blog. I was amazed with the great, excellent resources of information you have created in this blog, sharing the special life God has given you, and His love within the real stories told. I thought to myself that I had not seen anything like this, and it gave me a glimpse of how the heavenly community would be like, and it is happening in our current world! 

Heaven is here when you have Jesus in you!

I just wish to let you know how encouraged I am of seeing your faith in Him and the fruits of the Holy Spirit in you, and to encourage you to continue to keep the Blog alive and shine for Him. There must be many who are not aware of the Hope they could learn of by visiting you web. So, keep doing it with God as the centre and He will shine through you, to live out His desire that `you are the salt of the world and the light of the world’.

Serene, you have found the purpose of your life as most fitted in His purpose as I see it. Congratulations!

Will `meet’ you more frequent in writing.

Jennifer Tan


Sunday, May 19, 2013


Persatuan Epilepsi Malaysia (PEM) or Malaysian Society of Epilepsy took part in an annual health fair organized by The Star paper on 12th to 14th April last month.  The society was given a reasonably big size booth which was located alongside Parkinson’s and Multiple Scelorosis booths.  Members of the society turned up in different batches at different times of the day to monitor the booth.  Some active and committed members were at the booth throughout the operating hours which started from 10.00am till 7.00pm.  

PEM was allocated a talk slot on the second day of the health fair.  Prof Dr K S Lim, president of PEM and Dr Fong gave presentations and talks on epilepsy.  At the booth, members reached out to the public with questionnaire forms containing questions and answers relating to epilepsy.  People were urged to spend about five minutes to answer the questions based on their   knowledge of epilepsy and upon completion were encouraged to check their answers with the correct answers provided.  At least 250 forms were completed. 


A senior man whom I had approached to fill up the questionnaire checked his answers and refused to finish the checking process because he mentioned he had many questions answered wrongly right from the beginning and that made him felt embarrassed of his limited knowledge of epilepsy.  Another man checked his answers and scored 87 out of 100.  This man had worked in a neurology ward before his retirement.  He commented that he still had a lot to learn about epilepsy.  Many people who came by the booth have never heard of epilepsy.

My friends and I were greatly inspired by the positive outcome and response from the public at the booth.  It was a very meaningful and fruitful event for all of us.  We thank Rosalind Chee, vice president of PEM, who had approached The Star organizer and secured the free awareness booth.  Despite having a full time job in hand, Rosalind took leave off her job to be at the Exhibition Centre ahead of 10.00am so that she and her daughter could have sufficient time to set up the booth before the weekday and weekend crowd converge at the Centre.

Second from left: Dr Fong
Third from left: Prof Dr K.S. Lim

Fifth & Sixth from left: Rosalind & her daughter

We look forward to next year’s event and hopefully public response will be better, if not overwhelming.

Seated from left to right: Anita & Ananda
Standing from left to right: Myself, Florence & Khoo

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Short Absence Here

TO MY FOLLOWERS, FRIENDS, RELATIVES and EVERYONE that have visited my blog

I am finally in a better state of health to make a comeback to my epilepsy blog.  I had been inactive here for at least eight months due to poor health condition.  I miss updating my blog and everyone who have visited and left their invaluable comments and feedback.  Depending on my health condition, I will attempt to keep my blog active like before.  I look forward to communicating and hearing from everyone again in the nearest moment.

Here is a brief sharing to everyone about my health.  Apart from epilepsy, I was diagnosed with MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease) on January 2012.  MCTD is an autoimmune disease in which the body's defense system attacks itself.  MCTD commonly causes join pain/swelling, malaise, Raynaud phenomenon, Sjogren's syndrome, muscle inflammation and sclerodactyly (thickening of the skin of the pads of the fingers).  

I suffer from all the above which made sitting, walking, standing and lying down to be torturously painful.  Fortunately I had been able to avoid taking oral steroid for all the nightmarish pain. I took all the pain in stride and relied on my daily prayers to God for His spiritual and miracle healing of my new disease.  God listened and answered my prayers for healing.  Although this is a chronic disease which can recur at any time, I am certain God will always heal me of all my illnesses because He is the mighty and eternal healer of all our sicknesses.  Amen and all glory to God on High.

I attended a health awareness event organised by The Star paper last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Epilepsy Malaysia had an awareness booth at the event and my member friends and I were there to help run the booth and promote awareness of epilepsy.  I will be writing more about this event in my next article here.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone again.  Wishing everyone good health always.