Sunday, May 19, 2013


Persatuan Epilepsi Malaysia (PEM) or Malaysian Society of Epilepsy took part in an annual health fair organized by The Star paper on 12th to 14th April last month.  The society was given a reasonably big size booth which was located alongside Parkinson’s and Multiple Scelorosis booths.  Members of the society turned up in different batches at different times of the day to monitor the booth.  Some active and committed members were at the booth throughout the operating hours which started from 10.00am till 7.00pm.  

PEM was allocated a talk slot on the second day of the health fair.  Prof Dr K S Lim, president of PEM and Dr Fong gave presentations and talks on epilepsy.  At the booth, members reached out to the public with questionnaire forms containing questions and answers relating to epilepsy.  People were urged to spend about five minutes to answer the questions based on their   knowledge of epilepsy and upon completion were encouraged to check their answers with the correct answers provided.  At least 250 forms were completed. 


A senior man whom I had approached to fill up the questionnaire checked his answers and refused to finish the checking process because he mentioned he had many questions answered wrongly right from the beginning and that made him felt embarrassed of his limited knowledge of epilepsy.  Another man checked his answers and scored 87 out of 100.  This man had worked in a neurology ward before his retirement.  He commented that he still had a lot to learn about epilepsy.  Many people who came by the booth have never heard of epilepsy.

My friends and I were greatly inspired by the positive outcome and response from the public at the booth.  It was a very meaningful and fruitful event for all of us.  We thank Rosalind Chee, vice president of PEM, who had approached The Star organizer and secured the free awareness booth.  Despite having a full time job in hand, Rosalind took leave off her job to be at the Exhibition Centre ahead of 10.00am so that she and her daughter could have sufficient time to set up the booth before the weekday and weekend crowd converge at the Centre.

Second from left: Dr Fong
Third from left: Prof Dr K.S. Lim

Fifth & Sixth from left: Rosalind & her daughter

We look forward to next year’s event and hopefully public response will be better, if not overwhelming.

Seated from left to right: Anita & Ananda
Standing from left to right: Myself, Florence & Khoo

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