Tuesday, February 1, 2011


"I shuddered at thoughts of having to take anti epilepsy drug (AED) to control seizures for a lifetime. The side effects of all these chemically produced drugs with some toxic levels would destroy my health into crumbles beyond repair or even kill me first before seizures could. That being the case, I'd prefer a seizure filled life without AED." These were my thoughts and fears when I was told to take AED for life at an age of 18. Today, 33 years down the road, I am still alive and reasonably healthy after taking AED.

By now, needless to say, any possible side effects of AED could have taken toll on my health. Some friends have been advising me to watch out for my colon, kidneys, heart and liver. With so much toxicity in my body, they said I ought to go for some detoxifying course, engaging in chi exercises, taking more supplements like calcium and multi-vits, etc, etc.

In my opinion, I think it is not only me, a person with epilepsy at my age who has to guard my health in all ways. Taking good care of our health is something everyone should do regardless of age and state of health. And also, whether one has epilepsy or any other illnesses, one must always seek proper treatment and follow doctors' advices.

My advice to newly diagnosed people with epilepsy is never fail to keep up with neuro's appointments and always remember to take AED as prescribed. Adopt positive attitudes and outlooks of life. Live life as normal as you can and challenge yourself to always live life to it's fullest.

My life with epilepsy has been purposeful, meaningful, artful and beautiful. What about yours? Care to share it here with me?