Thursday, October 13, 2011


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an alien object? Its " Epilepsy Super Hero Toteman" to the rescue !!!

Someone has a seizure in the busy street of downtown and Epilepsy Super Hero Toteman is there to help and rescue. People were helpless and fearful of the sight of an unexpected man fallen onto the street, stiff and foaming in his mouth. Many kept their distances away and many just watched in horror. Worse still, some were videoing the incident with their mobile phones as if it is a bizzare occurrence. Toteman takes control of the situation and did everything sensibly and correctly for the man in a state of seizure. The curious crowd praise Toteman for his heroic and life saving act.

It all sounds so cartoonish doesn't it? Well, the cartoon world has become a reality with a real Super Hero Toteman around to help out, educate and promote epilepsy awareness. I received an email from Toteman on the 28th of September asking me to assist him in his epilepsy awareness work by passing out words about it.

(Below is Toteman's email )


I am hoping maybe you could help get the word out for my Epilepsy Awareness Comic Book. Please see my website for my Epilepsy Awareness Comic Book. There are free downloads of the comic. Lets help spread Epilepsy Awareness to children. Please pass this along and possibly make an entry of this. As Epilepsy Awareness month is approaching this would be a great entry for a blog.
I have worked with the Epilepsy Foundation of America and other Epilepsy Foundations in the United States. - Please visit Toteman at this link

For everyone who has read this posting, please take some time and make some efforts to help Toteman in his epilepsy promotion mission. You can spread this message by word of mouth or add a post of this same nature into your websites or blogs. Thank you very much.