Thursday, March 5, 2015

Can a person with epilepsy drive?

Can a person with epilepsy drive?

Driving poses daily challenges for many people with epilepsy. Driving a car is critical to employment, socialization, and self esteem.

As a person with epilepsy I have frequent thoughts of wanting to jump behind a steering wheel and drive myself to wherever I like. The feeling of being able to drive is both luring and elusive.

If only I could drive then I wouldn't have to depend on others, but what if a seizure happens and as a result I get killed or I kill someone else instead? This coupled with other thoughts are enough to quash all my hopes of being able to drive one day. I know my own limitation. One obvious reason that will rule me out as a driver is I still experience seizures despite achieving some good seizure free months periodically.

So, can a person with epilepsy drive? In my case it is no but in many cases it is yes. A check with PEM's president indicated that there are some general driving guidelines for people with epilepsy in our country. As of to date there aren't any specific legislation set to that effect yet.

For a general idea on who are allowed to drive, read more at:

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