Tuesday, January 13, 2009

People's HealthBlogger Awards '08

(I was being informed on the 14th of Jan that Wellsphere has extended the PHBA competition to end on 31st January 2009)

Still remember how all of you had counted down from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 to the strike of 12.00am on New Year eve to shout your lungs out and party the night away to welcome in the New Year 2009 with loud bangs, bashes and grand firework displays recently?

I did none of the above. My New Year eve was spent quietly at home in front of my laptop. I had stayed up till 3.00am to write and get two articles ready for posting into my epilepsy blog. The first article, entitled "Happy Seizure Free New Year 09" had already appeared in my blog. I have yet to post my second article into my blog.

It is now 12.34am, Tuesday, 13th of January 2009. I am counting down from 3 days to 2 days and 2 days to 1 day to the strike of 12.00am on Thursday. 15th January is the final day for voters to cast their votes for their favorite health blogs. I cannot believe I am thrilled to see and know the final outcome of the voting competition.

Just one and a half months ago, I had hit my lowest point in mood and enthusiasm for my blog. I was contemplating to end my blog. My days were shrouded in darkness and I was groping desperately in the dark to find ways to get out of it. Dr Geoffrey Rudledge from Wellsphere.com sent me an email to inform me that my blog has been nominated to be part of its 1st Annual People's Health Blogger Award competition. I did not bear much thought about the competition but as miserable as I was, I soon found out that votes had rolled in for my blog from some readers that were unknown to me.

I rubbed and blinked my eyes with disbelief at the sight of the votes, especially the inspiring, uplifting and touching comments that came with it. I felt greatly uplifted by voters who had taken their time and made efforts to vote for my blog. OOmph!!!! I was jolted by the positive response for my blog and knew from that moment onwards that people were cheering me on to keep my blog going continuously for the good sake of everyone.

A quick view of the latest results of the PHBA position confirms that my blog stands no chance to be ranked fourth or fifth out of one hundred nominated health blogs. It does not matter to me which position my blog will be ranked at the end of the competition. It matters most to me that supportive people have shown their love and concern for me by their show of thumbs up for my blog. I have failed to be the winning blogger but I have won and gained back my lost enthusiasm to enable me to keep and maintain my blog going well. I cannot wait to heartily congratulate the winning blogger at the end of the competition.

I wish all 99 bloggers best of luck in the PHBA competition. Continue to do your best to keep all the good work going in your blogs. People need you and your help.

I wish to thank my husband, son, sisters, brother and sister in law for walking closely with me in my epilepsy journey and carrying me up whenever I stumble and fall. I am extremely grateful for the constant show of strength and support coming from my friends and readers of my blog. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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  1. Hi Serene,

    I learned about this blog after reading Anthony's 'Wheel Power' in Star Two on 22 January 2009.Before this I didn't realised there is an epilepsy advocate in Malaysia!

    I became epileptic because of a recurrence brain tumour (meningioma). The onset was on 1 June 2001. I am on Keppra & Epilimchrono, and according to the Neurologist my epilepsy is well controlled.

    By the way what is PHBA all about.


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