Monday, February 2, 2009

Watching TV gives first aid clues

Scenes from TV make people think they can try first aid skills

Watching TV shows like Casualty and ER makes people confident enough to try and resuscitate people in real life, a survey has suggested.

The poll of just under 2,000 people found one in five would try.

A St John Ambulance spokeswoman said people should not be frightened of trying, even if they have only seen it done before on TV.

"If someone's not breathing, they're not breathing. If you don't do anything, they're still not breathing, but if you do something you will be giving them a chance."


Watching first aid programs in TV or videos does help to empower and increase one's confidence to help others in real life. Try watching some first aid guide videos for epileptics from YouTube. You will be of valuable help to people in a state of seizure.


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