Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I officially joined Malaysian Society of Epilepsy (MSE) in the year 2000 as an ordinary member. Two friends, Rosalind and Margaret persuaded me to join the Society. They had come to know of my passion and commitment towards epilepsy awareness work. My initial few years with MSE were not smooth going. Things did not happen the way I expected it to be. Meetings were held on an irregular basis. Dates of events and activities were always postponed. Members’ participation in meetings was usually poor.


In the year 2003 I was taken to task to help form an epilepsy support group for our members. To get things started and rolling I suggested that an informal gathering be held for members to meet and voice their opinions and preferences of an epilepsy support group. A hotel sponsored our gathering by providing an event hall with light refreshment served. The gathering was themed as a “ Get To Know Each Other Session “. People with and without epilepsy together with caregivers were invited to attend the gathering.

The session started on time with a very good turnout of members and caregivers. I shared with everyone the objective of the gathering and later requested for a show of hands by those in favor of the formation of an epilepsy support group. There was a unanimous show of hands. The first epilepsy support group in Malaysia was started on 26 April 2003. I was appointed by the past president and committee members to be the Support Group Coordinator.

Today Support Group Meetings are still being held regularly but not chaired by me anymore. I handed in my resignation several months ago. My family commitment comes first. My family and I will be away from Malaysia for a few months. A new Support Group Coordinator had taken over my place. It is my wish and hopes that membership attendance will grow bountifully and more epilepsy awareness work and outreach work will be done in the months and years to come.

An epilepsy support group meeting in progress

Serene (top left) with her PWE friends

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