Tuesday, February 5, 2008


From left : Maggy, Soo Fong, Soo Fong’s husband, my friends Raju and Rosalind

Words by mouth spread and went around - A friend of my friend invited me to her home to share with her knowledge about epilepsy from a patient’s point of view. Soo Fong had heard from my friend about my epilepsy awareness work. She was very keen to meet up with me. Her primary school going daughter had a bad fall while walking up the stair to her classroom in school. Friends screamed in fright and saw her daughter jerked on the staircase platform. Soo Fong received an alarming call from her daughter’s class teacher. She rushed to the school to be with her daughter. After the incident Soo Fong together with her daughter saw a neurologist for medical opinion and advice. She was told that her daughter’s first episode of seizure could not be classified as epilepsy unless her daughter had more than one or repeated seizures.

A loving and concerned caregiver Soo Fong surfed the internet for more information relating to epilepsy. She was elated to know of my epilepsy awareness work. My friends and I took the initiative to go extra miles to offer our time and mental support to Soo Fong and her family members. Two of my friends and I met on a Sunday afternoon at Soo Fong’s home. We had a meaningful time sharing with Soo Fong and her husband about epilepsy, how it affected us, how we accepted, coped and live with it.

Below is Soo Fong’s acknowledgement of our efforts and mental support given by us to her family.

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