Thursday, July 2, 2009

Footprints in 'The Epilepsy Legacy'... ...come join me

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From my experiences as an epilepsy activist, I had come across too many people who are not the least bothered or interested to know anything about epilepsy. Mentioning the word "epilepsy" turns people away. Many pleasant, polite but uninterested people obliged by listening to me talk about epilepsy. Their faces looked blank. Amidst these people, there are also the small groups of interested people who expressed keenness in knowing more about epilepsy. They are either people with epilepsy themselves, caregivers of PWE or non epileptic people who have a golden heart in ensuing medical knowledge on a general basis.

One person I know who is non epileptic and has a sincere interest in engraving her footprints permanently alongside mine in my epilepsy journey is Clara. Last April, Clara had told me of her kind intention to participate in a run to help raise funds in aid of people with epilepsy. I was very much taken by Clara's charitable deed. Clara is a loyal follower of my blog. With the understanding she had acquired about epilepsy from my blog, Clara is determined to help me spread words about epilepsy as well as extending her help to PWE in her own unique ways.

On the 28th of June, last Sunday morning, I met up with Clara at the Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia, to see her run off with hundreds of participants who had joined in the Annual Melbourne Run. In her bid to finish the run, Clara had successfully gathered a handsome sum of Aud450 in aid of Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria. Thank you very much Clara for your noble deed.

I will continue to work harder to promote epilepsy awareness because great is my inspirational reward that comes from loyal followers like Ted from Red Bank, New Jersey, USA, Clara from Melbourne, Dodit from Indonesia, Ross from Melbourne, Evelyne from Malaysia, Ben from Taiwan, Jackie from Malaysia, Keimi from Hong Kong, Pauline from Melbourne, Rose from Phillipines, Dr Marshal Mo from Taiwan and many more other motivating supporters from around the world.

To everyone, especially people with epilepsy, SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY HIGH - REACH OUT TO THE WORLD, TOUCH AND BE TOUCHED.

On the left, my son Edmund and Clara in the center

Clara walking with participants to the starting point of the Melbourne Run

Clara with her medal

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