Sunday, July 5, 2009


We live in a world where having our own ID (Identity Card) is compulsory. The purpose of an ID is to allow people to identify us where ever we are. In my 30 over years of having epilepsy, my ID had being a crucial identification mode for medical people to obtain information pertaining to my spouse. There were numerous times when my husband had received calls from hospitals informing him of my admittance because of epilepsy.

Apart from carrying an ID, it is essentially important for PWE to carry an epilepsy ID as well. We all know it is very time consuming for medical people to retrieve official information about us from our National ID Registration Office and hospitals where our medical records are being kept. In order that medical people can attend immediately and appropriately to us, time is of the essence. An epilepsy ID instantly provides information such as phone numbers of our next of kin, the types of medication we are taking, the dosage of our medication and the names and telephone numbers of our neuro doctors.

My membership card with Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria,
my epilepsy ID card and my name card


If you have difficulty in applying for an epilepsy ID, make yourself your own epilepsy ID. Be creative and artistic about your epilepsy ID. Cut a blank card the size of a credit card. On one side, design, draw, sketch and paint your own unique designs on it. Leave a blank space in the center of your design. Write the word EPILEPSY IN BOLD. On the reverse side of your card, draw lines for you to fill in your required particulars. Keep this card in your purse or wallet always. To keep the card in good condition, laminate the card. Constantly update your card if there are any changes over time.


  1. Dear Serene,

    May I know where can an individual get an PWE ID in Malaysia?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Jackie,

    You can visit and write to enquire about application for an epilepsy ID.

  3. This is a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing your idea with me. This is very critical !

  4. You are most welcome Ted. Make your girl an epilepsy ID on your own. You can write on any blank card details of your girl's condition, medication she is on, your contact no. and name of her neuro doctor.

    Explain to her that this card will be of great help to her.

  5. Hi Serene,

    Thank you very much for the information. These IDs will come in handy under unforeseable circumstances.



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