Tuesday, August 19, 2008


When my disabled activist friend told me to set up my own epilepsy blog I was very reluctant to do so. After much thoughts, consideration and also motivated by my husband (Cheong) and son (Edmund) I decided to set up my own blog. I had no knowledge on how to go about setting up a blog but with my son’s assistance the blog was started. There was no looking back. Today, my blog has been the most meaningful and fruitful form of electronic communication in my life. People from all walks of life and around the world are able to be in contact and communication with me. For an epileptic like me who was once a great recluse my blog has brightened and painted my life beautifully.

Friends write to tell me their epilepsy stories and caregivers tell me how they have accepted and coped with their epileptic son or daughter. Below is my Indonesian friend's story.

“My name is Yoedo Soetrisno. I am a Muslim father of 3 children. I live in a small city area in central Jawa of Indonesia. On one particular night I did not expect my second son who is 8 years old to have a seizure. The seizure lasted about 10 minutes. He did not show any symptoms or have a temperature prior to his seizure. He was a very normal child. We rushed him to the nearest hospital. He regained consciousness when we arrived there.

The result of an EEG test confirmed that my son has epilepsy. It was a test and challenge for our family to come to terms with. To know and understand more about epilepsy I started sourcing around for more information about epilepsy. I asked my friends, neurologists and also searched the internet websites. I came across this blog managed by Serene Low who proved that she could still live a normal and meaningful life although she had being an epileptic for thirty over years. I found a lot of useful information in her blog which explained the recent seizure that my son had.

It is clear that we can still lead a normal life by taking the appropriate medication. My son is taking two spoonfuls of anti epileptic syrup a day. My son is as normal and active as other children. On his school report card day he was the second best student in his class. He is also actively playing musical instruments especially the organ and takes part in sports.

I hope my son’s story is an encouragement to all caregivers who are experiencing the same problem as me. I continually seek forgiveness and healing from God.”

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