Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Five-year-old's 999 saviour call

Jakob Seviour
Jakob Seviour stayed calm and made the 999 call

An ambulance service has praised a five-year-old boy after he reported his mother had collapsed and was unconscious in their home.

Jakob Seviour from Frome in Somerset may even have saved his mother's life, a spokesman said.

Sarah Welsh suffers from epilepsy and had told Jakob how to react.

Alan Jacob of the Ambulance Service said: "He was incredibly calm, incredibly grown up and he answered the questions so precisely."

After Jakob's call ambulance staff rushed to the house and successfully revived Ms Welsh.

Mr Jacob added: "If he didn't understand them, then he would say 'I don't understand', so for a lad of his age he was really incredibly grown up."

Ms Welsh told BBC News: "I remember feeling slightly ill because normally I get fair warnings but this time it just came over me so quickly.

"I am so proud of him - I have heard the tape and it broke my heart really."

Source : BBC News

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