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In the center of the city, in an old brick building, was Firehouse No.9. Inside the firehouse lived a Dalmation named Dotty and her mother. Dotty is best friend with a fireman named Bob, and she had a lot of fun playing on the fire engine with him. Dotty dreamed of the day when she would become the firehouse mascot.

One sunny day as Dotty was playing behind the firehouse, something happened. She felt a tingling sensation in her legs and a full feeling in her tummy. Before long, Dotty’s whole body was shaking helplessly. Dotty’s mother rushed to her side and rubbed her gently until she felt better. “What happened?” a confused and sleepy Dotty asked. “I’m not sure, Dotty,” said her mother. “We’d better go see the doctor.”

Dr Bones examined Dotty carefully and asked how she felt. “A little tired,” Dotty said. The doctor explained, “Dotty, the shaking you felt earlier may have been an epileptic seizure. Epilepsy is a very common disorder, and we have medication to help prevent convulsions like yours.” And the doctor prescribed a medicine for Dotty, which she took every day.

When Dotty came back from the doctor’s office, she felt embarrassed about her convulsion. Now she was afraid she would not be the mascot. Several weeks went by, and she still refused to go into the firehouse.

“Dotty,” her mom said, “do you remember that German Shepherd who saved the child from the huge fire at the department store last year?” “Yes” said Dotty. “Well,” her mother said, “he had epilepsy, and he did not let it stop him.” Dotty couldn’t believe it. Why, that German Shepherd was so big and strong. If he could do that with epilepsy, then Dotty could too!

As Dotty made her way to the firehouse, the fire alarm sounded loudly. She ran and jumped up on the fire engine as it zoomed out of the firehouse on its way to the fire.

Outside a big building engulfed in fire a mother screamed, “My baby! He is still on the top floor.” When Dotty heard this, she jumped from the fire engine and ran into the building. The smoke was blinding and the fire was hot, as Dotty crawled on her stomach towards what she thought were the sounds of a crying baby. Dotty pushed open the door with her nose and found the baby curled up and crying. She picked him up and began carrying him down the stairs. Bob picked up the baby and carried him out of the building with Dotty following behind.

When the mother saw them she yelled, “You saved my baby!” Bob replied, “I could not have save your child without Dotty’s help.”

The next day the firefighters had a big surprise for Dotty. They gave her a BIG medal and an official fire helmet that read No.9,Mascot.

Story taken from the Dr. Wellbook Collection

Storybook was given to me with compliments from Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria, Australia

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