Saturday, April 5, 2008


Although many People With Epilepsy (PWE) are easily depressed, grouchy, bad tempered, suffer from migraine or even suicidal, I am certainly not one of those.

A happy epileptic, my day started with a visit to the annual “ Flower Show “ with my niece Joyce at Carlton Garden. It was an event I had counted down to. I love flowers. They are so beautiful, breathtaking and captivating to the sight. With the company of “JOY“ce who also shares my same liking for flowers my day was even happier and filled with JOY.

We spent half a day at the Flower Show. Then our tummies growled in hunger and we walked to China Town to have steaming hot wanton roast duck noodles. Mmmmmm.....the noodles were the tastiest I have ever eaten.

After lunch we adjourned to Swanston St for shopping. I was delighted to have stumbled upon a packet of paper napkins labelled under the brand name “SERENE”.
I bought the packet of napkins for $1 and happily told Joyce about my purchase.

Happiness exist everyday and everywhere and comes easily when we know
how to appreciate and acknowledge it in the plain and simplest ways.


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