Monday, March 17, 2008


Sinful in nature I have always sought God in every aspects of my life - forgiveness, blessings, hopes, faithfulness, wisdom, thanksgiving, peace, love, grace and etc. The result of seeking God makes me closer to God, more serene and forgiving, a nourished soul wanting to know more about God, giving thanks in everything and appreciative in every way. It is very important to have God in our lives as He is a living God.

To describe about how I got myself started in doing epilepsy awareness work it had to be God's promptings and Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria (Australia). I asked and I received.

I first visited EFV in the year 2002. The person I first met was Pauline Brockett. She is the librarian in EFV. She is a very pleasant, hospitable and welcoming person (just like my aunt). Having liased with her and a tour in the Foundation she introduced me to Russell Pollard who is the CEO of EFV. My meeting up with these two people was a special encounter. They heard of my intentions to help raise and do epilepsy awareness work in Malaysia. Without any hesitation they provided me valuable and informative materials such as posters, books, phamplets, dvds, newspaper articles and etc. I sought and EFV provided. Needless to say I was overwhelmed by
EFV's generosity and substantial help which played a backbone role in my seven years of epilepsy awareness work in Malaysia.

I recently met up with Pauline again. This time she had introduced me to Jeremy Maxwell, Development Manager in EFV. I had a pleasant and memorable moment meeting up with both of them. Visiting EFV is like going to my second home in Australia. The people here are so warm, friendly and helpful. Such qualities in them show their true passion and deep sense of commitment in serving people with epilepsy (PWE) not just in their country but also in other countries.

It is truly not enough to just mention names of people I had come to know in EFV. It is my great honor to show everyone pictures of who these wonderful people are.

Outside EFV

Going through epilepsy materials with Pauline

In God I walk hand in hand. In EFV I continue to foster and strengthen my friendship with the people I know. I am more determined then before to carry on with my epilepsy awareness work. My heartfelt thanks to EFV again for providing me with more epilepsy materials to be used at my epilepsy awareness booth. Together we will make great positive differences in our societies.

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