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Lent is the period of forty days which comes before Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday. Lent is observed as a time for prayer and penance recalling the events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. Only a small number of people today fast for the whole of Lent, although some maintain the practice on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Purple drapes and altar frontals are used in some churches throughout Lent, because it is associated with mourning and so anticipates the pain and suffering of the crucifixion. Purple is also the colour associated with royalty, and celebrates Christ's resurrection and sovereignty. Most Christians regard Jesus' time 40 days fasting in the wilderness as the key event for the duration of Lent.

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Many of us (People With Epilepsy) suffer terribly or even die as a result of uncontrollable seizures. Some have to go through surgeries to control seizures. Most of us are on AED (Anti Epileptic Drugs) for life. Today I still have jitters at the thought of my past seizures which had landed me in hospitals several times. Each time I wake up on hospital beds I grimaced in pain and break down into tears upon finding out that some kind Samaritans had picked me from streets, restaurants and shopping malls where I had seizures. I knew God had his angels in the good Samaritans to render help and assistance whenever I was in a state of seizure. God had been extremely steadfast in providing great care and love for me.

Whenever I try to visualise Christ crucified on the cross and feel his unbearable and immeasurable pain I know my pain and sufferings from epilepsy are nowhere near at all to that of Christ’s. I have learned not to complain too much about my epileptic condition but to accept it as a gift from God. I suffered so that I may feel and understand other people’s sufferings better. I am quite natural in lending a helping hand and aiding people in need of help.

I thank God for my success in achieving a good record of three over years free of seizures. I am a very happy epileptic person who still takes a low dose of AED for life. "A few tablets of AED a day keep the seizures and the doctors away."



  1. It is a good effort on documenting events to promote awareness of epilepsy. I'm sure it'll go from strength to strength with more experiences shared on the blog..especially now you are at a new environment and getting to know better of old friends or having new friends through sharing your concern on community's attitude of epilepsy.

    God bless,

  2. Oh,..purple marks God's royalty.'s world is so far from that. Purple is associated to gays. Gays vs God...very big distinction.

    It is good to know you are fighting for epilepsy awareness so that everyone else can be more educated.


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