Saturday, July 5, 2014


Hi everyone

It's almost a year ago when I last posted here.  Time seems to pass by too quickly and as the author of my blog I feel a need to post some updates here.

My dear friend, Jackie, wrote an article about me which was published on the 16th of January this year.  I must say the article was very well written especially where the epilepsy awareness part is concerned.  It is not often that we get to read about epilepsy in our local dailies.  Having the chance to read one is like coming across a rare opportunity.

Epilepsy awareness work is an endless feat.  Some of my advocate friends have been working feverishly with their local epilepsy associations in raising funds to aid further epilepsy research work.  

PEM (Persatuan Epilepsi Malaysia) is also very much involved in promoting epilepsy awareness to the public.  I am aware PEM has a list of events on the book for this year.  I will highlight some of the events in my next post.

Best Wishes.


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