Thursday, August 19, 2010


I recall the good and happy days when I was an epilepsy support group co ordinator in our local epilepsy society. My friends and I looked forward to meeting up, telling and updating each other about our epilepsy condition. We were a small group which made sharing very easy and quick. We uplift and inspire each other to live life bravely and normally, doing everything as any normal being would want to despite our odds.

We talked constantly about the challenges that epilepsy threw on us and how each one of us intended to outdo and defeat it successfully. We also had our once a month small "eat-out" gathering at our regular gazebo located in a park. Each of us brought our contribution of food, snacks and drinks. At the shady green scenic spot, we were a merry lot. Sweet, splendid, happy and meaningful moments were exchanged, shared and treasured in our minds and hearts.

I have not been around in the epilepsy support group for coming close to 3 years because of family commitments but the moment situation permits I will be running back to it again.

Are you part of any epilepsy society near you? Do you join any as a member and involve yourself actively in it's programs and activities? If there isn't any epilepsy society near you, do you bother to sign up and register yourself as a member of one or more epilepsy societies on the internet? If you have not done any of these, do it now. Why wait? It is all for your own benefits that you become part of one. After all, epilepsy is about breaking free from shadows, fears, barriers and darknesses.


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