Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Young And Dynamic Epilepsy Advocate

Amanda is 17 years old. She has epilepsy for the past 5 years and she handles her condition with great courage and determination. She is a fine example of a teenager with epilepsy who does not allow seizures to affect her life in any way. She has a very inspiring blog about her condition and would love everyone to visit her and share their views and comments with her.

( Below is the introduction of her blog )

Dear Readers,

This blog is about my personal struggle and experiences with Epilepsy over the last 5 years. I will be writing to you about what I am feeling each day, and showing how Epilepsy affects my life. I have currently been implanted with a VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator). Many people are skeptical and curious about this form of treatment, so I will be blogging with all the facts and side effects that I experience along my way to hopefully being seizure free. I see my Epilepsy as a gift from God, even when it's unbearable. I thank God everyday for blessing me with this disease. God gave me Epilepsy so that I may share it with the world. People need to be informed on what Epilepsy is and how it works. Epilepsy isn't just "a seizure disorder"... it becomes a lifestyle for those affected by it. I hope that you can learn at least one thing from my blog and be able to share it with others. Getting the facts is just one small thing you can to to help Epileptics around the world break the chains of Epilepsy.


(Having come to know Amanda and her academic achievements, I had her supportive co operation to write a short article to encourage epileptic students to move on with their studies despite the difficulties they face daily with having epilepsy. Below is her motivating and encouraging write up. Read, be inspired and uplifted - Serene)

"The unfortunate things about epilepsy is that many people let it stop their lives, and often times give up doing the things they love or things that they need to do. Many young students tend to feel as if they are too sick to keep up their studies, especially if epilepsy prevents them from being in school full time. I was and still am one of those students. Your education is the foundation that you will build the rest of your life on it and it is vital to have a strong foundation. Making it through those 4 years of high school or even college can seem impossible when you suffer from seizures.

I personally know a person who actually dropped out of school altogether because they felt their seizures were too much to deal with on top of school. If you look around your community you will find that many schools have programs for hospital bound and ill children living at home. You can have shorter school days or be taught at home with more time to finish your work at your own pace. Some schools are even willing to reduce the amount of work that a student must finish in order to graduate.

I took part in the Northside Independent School District Home Bound Program in San Antonio, Texas and it has benefited me so much. I am also starting to do some classes online at a local college to help myself move forward. Just because it's summer time does not mean that there aren't any ways to move forward in school. It is important to push yourself as far as you can each day because no matter how far away your goals may seem, they are never too far.

I am currently in my last year of high school and I never thought I would make it this far. Thanks to my home bound program I got plenty of rest and I was able to complete my classes in much better health. I encourage all students to use all resources made available for them in their communities because our future depends on what we do now as young students. " Don't Let Epilepsy Rule Your Life! " - Amanda.



  1. Hi Serene, hope you are well - I've read a fair few of Amanda's articles and she's doing a fantastic job at explaining how things are for her - well done for highlighting her blog here!

  2. Hi Paul,

    I have been keeping well but busy as always. Sorry for the late reply again. Oh, yes! Amanda has certainly done a very good job in promoting epilepsy awareness and she deserves all our assistance in highlighting her cause - an invisible medical condition that has affected her so much.

    Hope you have been well also and God bless you for all the great things you have been doing and contributing towards society.

  3. I love you, Serene. This was how you helped bring in my views!!!


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