Friday, June 11, 2010


Every time I attend an epilepsy congress I never fail to grab extra copies of epilepsy pamphlets, newsletters, books or dvds if they are available. I have a limited array of epilepsy materials and I only give these to people who wants and appreciates it.

My friend, Lynn, emailed me last month to request for a copy of an epilepsy awareness dvd. She wanted to watch the dvd with her yoga and meditation class members. Apparently, their master had taught them to insert an object into an epileptic's mouth during a seizure. I was more than happy to offer her a copy. From my past experiences of promoting epilepsy awareness I find family members and extended family members, relatives and extended relatives, friends and friends of theirs to be a great source of network of people to be connected and work with.

Lynn, had in the past organised two epilepsy talks for me to share about epilepsy. Jack had organised for me to give two epilepsy talks in colleges. My aunties and sisters had passed words around to their friends about my epilepsy advocacy. Mary got her newspaper columnist friend to interview me in person and later publish some of my epilepsy write ups in the local paper.

So, if you have in hand some good epilepsy materials, circulate it around. Do not just keep it. Make epilepsy awareness a domino effect among the people you know.


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