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Hi everyone. This month I would like all of you to meet another of my very special friend who I have high regards for. She is a person with epilepsy, an active epilepsy advocate, an artist and a talented crafts person with a passion for designing and creating unique jewellery pieces to help promote not just epilepsy awareness but also other health causes.

Read and know more about Cheryl and her unique creations.

I have been crafting and making jewellery for about 5 years. I love designing and creating jewellery. While I do make other types of jewellery, my passion is the Awareness jewellery. I started making the Awareness Ribbon pieces because of my epilepsy. I attribute my need to create as a symptom or effect of my epilepsy.

I believe I have had epilepsy for most of my life but the type I have is often difficult to diagnose. I was diagnosed with right temporal lobe epilepsy in November 2005. I don't have stereotypical seizures. I have never lost consciousness during a seizure nor do I have the normal physical signs of a seizure. Because of that I have really tried to promote epilepsy awareness.

I used to speak professionally to groups about my experiences and encourage people to open up about their own experiences with epilepsy. When you hide something, you give it a power over you, but when you confront it, it becomes less powerful.

I want to tell everyone that epilepsy is a neurological condition and that people with epilepsy are like people with any other condition.

I have a shop on the internet where I sell my creations. The site is called Etsy and my shop is Cheryls Purple Cow. Etsy has a promotional tool called the Treasury. A Treasury is basically a poster that shows 12 items from different Etsy Artists. The treasuries I create are filled with Awareness items for sale in different shops on Etsy. They only last 48 to 72 hours and are only available when certain conditions are met. I have kept an Awareness Treasury active almost full time since mid-December. That is quite a feat but I am a determined person in helping to promote epilepsy awareness. I want the topic of awareness to gain recognition on Etsy and the Treasuries.


To know more about Cheryl and her creations, please visit her at the following places. Thank you very much.

Cheryls Purple Cow
Unique Crafts and Jewellery for Those with Unique Taste

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  1. So moving to read how cheryl has taken the power back from her condition, and her craft skills are really wonderful - I'm going to head over to her blog now - thanks!

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thank you so much for visiting again. I am constantly motivated by your comments because you take the time and make efforts to come by. I really appreciate it. Cheryl will be thrilled to welcome you into her epilepsy blog.


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