Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I have had the privileges and blessings to meet many people at my epilepsy awareness booth which was closed down two years ago due to family commitment. Mitchell is a special lady I met at my booth. Since we first met, we have become and stayed as good friends till now. Mitchell wrote and shared with me about her first meeting with me.

""Serene, did you know that when we first met, I was actually feeling very nervous. I had had my first seizure at age 41 and it was really difficult for me to accept but I knew I had to learn more about this condition called epilepsy. And then I saw a write up in the paper about a lady who has a booth at the Mall. It says that this lady is an epilepsy activisit and she has this booth to help answer questions about epilepsy. And so thats how I came to your booth.

When I approached you, I was very nervous. I didn't want to reveal too much and yet I wanted to find out as much as I can. I am glad that I went to see you because it was nice to talk to someone who had been there, who understood and who cared enough to share. You gave me brochures and shared freely with me about your own situation and that was the best help of all. Just knowing that I am not alone. I don't know how to thank you so I wrote you a poem instead. I hope you like it.""

You look as Serene as your name

and you greeted me with no shame
You told me that epilepsy is not something to be afraid of
You just have to educate yourself and those you love

Your look is so calming
And you were really caring
You helped me to learn more
I learned that life can go on as before

You made me feel calm and assured
Despite hearing about what you had endured
Having epilepsy is not the end
It need not be something beyond comprehend

Your look gave me confidence to confide
knowing there is nothing to hide
One should learn as much as they can
About medicines and procedures like the scan

You have a face that says its ok everything will be alright
The future can be still bright
As long as you understand
Life is not as fragile as the sand

So love, laugh, live,
You can still have the same drive
Understand, learn and take your meds
There is no need to let life hang on a thin thread

Thank you Serene for being there
For me and others who felt despair
I hope you can continue to help many others
Who needs to help themselves, their brothers or mothers

Thanks again Serene!


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