Monday, November 9, 2009

(November is Epilepsy Awareness Month)

"Jump, survive or die thoughts" flooded my mind at this moment. Too late to look back.

No regrets. Weeeeeeee.........I am gliding and flying like a bird. Greatest feeling in my life.

For this epilepsy awareness month, I wish to share my personal views as a person living with epilepsy for close to 40 years. Living with epilepsy comes with limitations to some extent. No driving. No swimming alone. No climbing heights. No late night parties that deprive sleep. No alcohol consumption. No over stressing myself over everything in life. No parachute jumping. No, no, no.....the list goes on.

Nobody will like to lead a life filled with too many "No" but don't all of us have some kinds of "No" in our lives? Some people have to say no to certain types of food because of allergies. Some will say no to outings because of lack of accessibilities for wheelchairs. Many will say no to luxurious shopping and eating because of tight financial budgets. Saying no is part and parcel of life. Same goes with saying yes.

How successful we are in living our lives to the fullest depend on how we juggle and cope with the "No" and "Yes" in our lives. Are you the type that allows "No" to downgrade your life or do you take "No" as challenges to improve yourself and your life?

I view life as very fragile and unpredictable. Anything can happen in life. Tragedy does not pick and choose it's victims. Two young boys ran and hid themselves under a tree but was struck dead by lightning. A young toddler laughed to her death. A 17 year old student was permanently blinded by acid. A couple looking forward to marriage was killed in a tragic car accident. A pregnant mum had her handbag snatched from her while she was riding a bike. She fell and injured herself seriously on the road. She was sent to hospital but died in a coma.

With so many uncertainties looming in our lives, it no longer bothers or troubles me that I am epileptic. I have learned to accept and cope with whatever life has to throw onto me. Is it worthwhile to worry excessively over the situations and conditions you are in or does it make more sense to take full charge and control of your life. Manage your life as best as you can and be content with whatever life has to offer. Your life is whatever you make it out to be.


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