Sunday, October 25, 2009


A Particular Blend Of Love For People With Epilepsy (PWE)

4 cups flour
1/2 cup full of Love
25gm Kindness and Forgiveness
25gm Bliss seeds
2 tbsp Gentle powder
100gm Togetherness
Lovey-dovey oil
Joy butter, sugar and salt

Sift flour. Add water. Mix it together. Add tenderness and set aside for a lifetime. Mix Love with Kindness and Forgiveness. For stronger ties and connections, add Bliss seeds, Gentle powder and a dollop of Togetherness. Add kisses to mixture and knead into firm dough. Allow dough to sit for years and years.

Sprinkle crushed Joy butter, sugar and salt for added Togetherness. Grease baking pan. Mold dough into shapes of your heart. Bake epilepsy munchies in oven till crunchy and aromatic.

Serve epilepsy munchies throughout generations. Whoever eats it will forever remember what epilepsy is all about.


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