Sunday, August 2, 2009


What do you do when you are in an unfamiliar airport, train station, hospital, Immigration office or a new place you have never been to? You look out for signages. Our natural instincts are to look out for signages that can direct and guide us to spots , areas or streets that we are looking for. Lack of accurate and prominent signages spell calamity and give us a frightening and worrying sense of being quite lost and helpless. In such a case, we resort to asking people for directions.

Earlier this year, my son and I made a trip to a video arcade. We played and moved from one game to another until I stumbled upon the above signage. The signage had several warnings and one of it is has to do with people with epilepsy. It stated that if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy or experience seizures or dizziness with video product, you must consult a physician before playing. After taking a snapshot of this signage we ended our arcade trip as we are aware of the potential risks involved for both of us.

Imagine if there wasn't any warning signages for people with health risks especially people with epilepsy? A lot of young kids have their first seizures in video arcades. Parents are caught off guard and later regretted having brought their children to such places. I wish it is a mandatory Act in all countries for operators of video arcades to display prominent health warning signs for everyone to take note.


  1. Excellent post. My daughter, Sarah, loves to play with DS. I was reading the instruction and they warned of anyone who have epilepsy not to play DS. It was good that they have mentioned about it. Thanks for sharing this critical information.

  2. I am happy to note that you had been careful in reading the instructions and warning about people with epilepsy playing with DS. Most people normally do not bother to read instruction booklets or manuals about electronic games.

  3. Lolz, tell me about it. I am a 20 year old PWE and i had an attack in a cybercafe after 2hours of games last year. I did not step foot into any cybercafe ever since......

  4. Hi Ruben,

    It is very wise of you to stay away from cybercafes. Prevention is always better than cure.


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