Wednesday, May 6, 2009


If you are trying to source and buy cheaper alternative or generic medication, please do not attempt to do so.

Owing to bad economic times, a lot of people could be trying to buy cost saving alternative or generic medication. I was at the hospital two months ago for my annual follow up. Waiting in a crowded room, I overheard some conversations between patients and caregivers.

"Oh my goodness! The cost of your medication has increased again. I won't ever buy from the hospital's pharmacy again. I will ask my friends to recommend me some good pharmacies where I can buy cheaper generic drugs for you. Don't worry. The generic drugs are just the same as the pricey branded drugs you are on now and better still, the cost is definitely cheaper than what I am paying now".

"Oh dear me! I can't afford to buy from the pharmacy in the hospital anymore. Do you know of any pharmacies outside the hospital where I can buy the same medication at a much lower price?"

There are a lot of generic drugs being sold in pharmacies. You will be tempted to buy cheaper generic medication. BEWARE. Consuming generic drugs may have grave consequences. The composition in the generic drugs may not be 100 per cent the same as in the drugs prescribed by your doctor. Generic drugs, instead of treating, controlling or improving your condition might do more harm to your condition and health, making it more difficult for your doctor to treat you. And because you know you had switched to less expensive generic drugs, you hide that fact from your doctor fearing that he might not take up your case anymore.

Even though, you may be able to buy cost saving original branded drugs from pharmacies outside the hospital, make sure that you check the orginality of the drug from the packing of the drug like name of manufacturer, where it is made in, the dosage of the drug and expiry date.

Inform your doctor on your next visit of the source of your drug purchase. If possible, bring along your drug to show it to him/her. Precaution is always the best action.

I am aware of the availability of cheaper generic drugs. I will save and thrift on other things but not when it comes to buying my medication. My epileptic condition and health should never be compromised.


  1. Hello Serene,

    Firstly, it was truly an honour meeting you in person, I have the highest respect for you and your wonderful work in making life a little easier for people afflicted with the insidious condition--epilepsy.

    Thank you for the wonderful review.

    Good health and happiness always,
    Your friend in Australia, Ross

  2. Hello Ross,

    I am equally honoured to have met you in person too. God arranged for our paths to cross. My salutes to you as well for telling the world your epilepsy story successfully.

    There will be no happiness without good health. So, good health to your family and you and everyone in the world.



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