Friday, April 3, 2009


Over the years of my epilepsy awareness work I had come to know many nice people mainly persons with epilepsy and caregivers. I knew Soo Fong after giving an epilepsy talk in her home. Having the same faith and a common interest in epilepsy, Soo Fong and I have become very good friends. She is a caregiver of her daughter who has epilepsy.

Soo Fong’s friend, Sophie is a principal of Country Heights Kindergarten located in Kajang. One of Sophie’s students has epilepsy. Sophie told me when she was in Taiwan studying she had frequently witnessed her friend in a state of seizure. Now that her student also has epilepsy she knew the importance of educating her teachers on what is epilepsy and how to assist her student while in a state of seizure.

I had a great and meaningful one hour of sharing session with Soo Fong, Sophie and her staff of 8 teachers about epilepsy. I gave a brief explanation of what is epilepsy and later played an 18min epilepsy DVD for everyone to watch and understand epilepsy better. At the end of the DVD presentation there was an interesting discussion session. I was very taken by the teachers’ keenness in knowing more about epilepsy.

Photo taken with Sophie on my right and her kindergarten staff

The parents of the epileptic child ought to be very glad, contented, comforted and appreciative for knowing their child is in a very good kindergarten managed by an understanding principal and run by teachers who are knowledgeable in handling their epileptic child.

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