Sunday, March 8, 2009


A group of my friends marveled at the years I had been cooking meals without encountering serious accidents. They know the risks I have to put up as a person with epilepsy cooking in a kitchen, particularly over a stove with a wok sizzling with food or a pot of bubbling soup.

What would happen if I were to have an uninformed and untimely seizure while stirring hot soup in a pot? Chances are dangerously high that I might topple the pot of soup over myself while falling unconscious onto the kitchen floor. And what would happen to me if a seizure were to occur when I am deep frying food in a wok? Again, I might very likely have the wok fall onto me or I might fall face down into the wok before I land onto the floor.

I have goosebumps and chills every time I am about to cook a meal or boil soup. I pray to God to keep me safe while cooking and I also have my hubby stand near me while I cook. My hubby is around to help reduce the impact of any potential cooking accidents that may happen to me. Do not attempt to cook while alone. Always have someone stand nearby to assist whenever required.

My late mum's friend who was at her mid seventy a few years ago, had her first tonic clonic seizure while deep frying a fish in a wok. She fell body forward to the wok, deep fried her right hand and fell onto the floor. Family members sent her to the accident and emergency ward immediately after the accident. Ever since I got to know of my mum's friend's cooking accident, I got my carpenter friend to modify the length of my cooking spatula. He changed the wooden holder of the spatula into a longer one.

It was very difficult at first to learn to use a longer than usual spatula. I was so clumsy using one. Imagine the green vegetable leaves dropping onto the sides of the stove top every time I turn and stir the vegetable. The gravy also spills and splatters onto the stove top. I had a lot of mess to clear up after cooking.

Today, I have mastered the skill of using an extra long spatula for cooking. I am able to stand further from the wok while cooking. In case I should fall, there will be a reasonably safe distance for me to fall onto the floor without having the wok to fall onto me or I fall face down into the wok.


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