Friday, November 7, 2008

My Inspirational Blessing

This world is so hurried, so very frosty sometimes. We brush by people, hustle through crowds, so caught up with living that we forget about life. We forget about others, we fuss over the details, fret over insignificant mishaps, and harbour worries of tomorrow that may never come.

Amidst these incessant doings by the common people of this world, there are people who spend each day waiting for someone that may never come, waiting for words that will give them courage to face another day, dying inside for want of something as small as a smile, a kind word, a squeeze of the hand, or someone to listen, so that they know they're not alone in this world and that their life is worth something... ...that epilepsy does not fail them.

Thankfully, I know of one, one fine lady, epileptic herself, who has risen above and is determined to do what she can about epilepsy. It may not be much, it may not go far, but she never lets go of the hope of ‘what if it does’?

Confronting the afflictions as a consequence of epilepsy is beyond my ability. Embracing epilepsy? I cannot even put a thought to that matter. An epilepsy activist - it is great work, sheer in its magnitude and seems too big to tackle, but Serene does what she can. It might be hard and tedious, but Serene does what she can. She may not have what it takes to finish it now, but Serene does what she can. She may not have the means to go far, but Serene goes with what she’s got. She might not be able to do much, but Serene does what she can. It might cost her everything, but she would do it anyway.

Her once little and insignificant sphere of influence has evolved manifold because of what she has done with her life; her purpose to live each day is identified by the beauty that lies within her imperfection. Tears from her painful confrontation of epilepsy may have once traced the patterns on her cheeks, she may have once spent days wondering what is to come, but today, bitter sweet as it is, she knows that she will never allow epilepsy itself let her down. And for this reason, her grass is always green because she accepts life as it throws itself at her, and never misses the roses for the thorns.

And no, it is not all ease and bliss, for epilepsy is mysterious, and the pain of the great unknown is real. This crushing uncertainty can easily allow the insecurities to take over, and let sorrow eat up the beauty of living. But take heart, for the pain we are made to bear in our lives can destroy us or can very well build us up, and this blog is a testimony to the lives lost, lived and loved through the eyes of an epileptic.

Very often, circumstances arise to shape us into who we are and what we do. Though epilepsy has not changed my life per se, but in circumspect, it is a great reminder of my own weakness. Coming across the life behind this blog has revealed to me how to see past the dirt in my own eyes and to break the shackles of deeply held fears. It has stretched me to new levels of courage an appreciation for life through witnessing the beauty of Serene’s fighting spirit. I encourage you to follow this blog, but more so, the life behind this blog, for as the name says it – a legacy is to come.


Written by Clara Wong C H
(A Christian friend of my son, Edmund. She is a kind, compassionate and caring friend to everybody. She is also a very bubbly and cheery person who loves serving in God's ministry. She actively participates in her local Christian cell group - 'Lighthouse 2' in Melbourne, Australia.)

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