Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have no recollections of having febrile seizures when I was an infant. My mom had never told me of my condition until at the age of 18 when I started having clusters of tonic clonic seizures. Epilepsy was like a savaging and killing beast to me. I nicknamed it “Epi Beast”.

Every time I regained consciousness after a seizure I would be in a daze. I had temporary memory losses and brief moments of retardation in my limbs caused by overworked and worn out muscles coupled with crippling pain. I always likened my mashed up body to that of a crushed soda drink can. I hated Epi Beast for seizing me, throwing and flipping my body in all directions and wreaking damages to my fragile body with cuts, bruises and swollen lumps that came with internal and external bleeding. I had no idea how long my body could withstand the ravaging forces of the Epi beast.

Thirty over years of putting up with Epi Beast have passed. I survived all the beastly destructions by God’s grace. If not for God’s sustenance I would not be alive today. God tamed the beast in me over time with proper medications that were effective in controlling seizures. I was able to lead a seizure free life for the last four years. On top of that, God used me to be his epilepsy steward.

Promoting epilepsy awareness through my blog and giving epilepsy talks have been the best things I have done in my life. The beauty of my blog is it has reached out to thousands of people in the world. Readers write to praise me for my courage to be open with the topic “My life with epilepsy”. Many readers found my blog to be very inspiring not just for epileptics but also non epileptics. My blog has brought two long lost friends back into my life and also inspired a young working lady to give me a rare and priceless gift that has found a place in my treasure box.

Clara who is gifted with the talent of craftwork had made a special gift for me. She had taken a long time to collect and print out interesting and famous quotes on small pieces of paper. She rolled the printed quotes into small scrolls and placed it into a beautifully decorated box that has a label “Food For Thought”. Clara, inspired by my blog, had given me the beautiful, meaningful and precious gift to encourage me to keep up with my good work in promoting epilepsy awareness.

Thank you very much to everyone who have visited my blog and supported me with constructive comments. Thank you, Clara, for the awesome gift. Without God, my supportive family members, good friends and all of you, I would not be the person I am today.


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