Saturday, September 6, 2008


A friend of mine, Geok, invited me to join her for lunch with two of her friends recently. At lunch I met Evelyn for the first time. She is a beautiful lady with charisma. She exudes love, grace and positive energies. A friend of hers nicknamed her “ Sunshine “.

Evelyn is a mother of two daughters and a special son. Her 27 year old son, Gerald is a severely mentally disabled person with epilepsy. Gerald experiences seizures every day and also has other numerous medical problems. Evelyn told me, “I have only two choices - to depend on my own strength to bring up my special child and face challenges of life alone or to place my trust in God who is my rock, strength and redeemer”.

Drinking tea I listened to Evelyn recapped one of Gerald’s near death experiences. It was about one and a half years ago when Gerald’s mild epileptic fits developed into a full blown generalized seizure. He had three episodes of generalized seizures that fortnight. There were no warnings showing or indicative of impending seizures.

His eyes rolled up into their sockets and his body became stiff for a while followed by uncontrollable jerking. His face turned blue (he also has a hole in his heart) and his breathing stopped for a little while. He was unconscious. Administering his usual anti epileptic drugs she failed to help Gerald regain consciousness. She and Luz carried Gerald into their car and rushed him to University Hospital. By the time they arrived at the hospital Gerald’s seizures had stopped. He was breathing normally again.

Listening to Evelyn and Gerald’s stories brought tears to my heart. I was very touched by their extraordinary love for each other. Their relationship is truly a fine example of blood is thicker than water. Evelyn is an outstanding role model of a caring and endearing caregiver.

I have a friend who manages a home for people with all kinds of disabilities ranging from epileptic to downs syndrome, autistic to mentally disabled, deaf and blind to cerebral palsy. Mr Samson told me the home was set up in the sixties and was originally meant to be a home for people with epilepsy only. Over the years guardians and parents had left and abandoned their disabled children at the home. Parents pay a minimal monthly sum of money for their disabled children to be taken cared by the home. After paying the initial few payments parents conveniently dump and disown their disabled children by not turning up at the home anymore. The irresponsible and scheming parents used fictitious addresses or moved places to avoid being contacted by staff of the home.

I appeal to parents who intend to abandon their disabled children into charitable homes never to do so. Your disabled children are the most precious gifts from God. You gave them life and they deserve the best in life.


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