Friday, June 27, 2008


By : Szymanski

As we come to that fine old 4th-of-July tradition of fireworks blowing things up so there are pretty colours in the sky, we here at the Foundation (well, actually, in my department) have received some calls from reporters looking for information on photosensitive epilepsy and fireworks. After all, we know video games and some Web sites can trigger seizures -- but can fireworks?

By : Damon

I read your question about the fireworks, and I can answer that question for you. Cause I can't watch fireworks up close anymore cause I would end up having a Gran-Mal Seizure about the time the grand finally would start. It all started about 2-3 yrs ago while I was at a Labor Day airshow/ fireworks show. I was doing great all day that is until the fireworks started. It was the last i remember cause when I basically came to, I was in the hospital E.R with iv's hooked up in both my arms. I was told by my family and the Dr that I had a seizure. Then the following year at the 4th of july fireworks I had another seizure but my family said it was just a small seizure so nobody called an E.M.S. Then I just had another seizure last month while I was participating in the Walk For Life Relay. They had a small fireworks display and not long after the show started I had a Gran-Mal which come to find out from my girlfriend & a couple of nurses that was there said I had at least 4 seizures back to back. And the next thing I remember I was in the hospital with iv's in both my arms. After a while the Dr. came in and basically told me to stay away from fireworks or to hide my eyes and not look directly at the fireworks otherwise I will just end up back in the E.R again. So now I no longer go to see fireworks, or concerts cause of the different lights they have. and if I want to see fireworks I'll have to watch em from a distance.

By : Serene

My husband and I watched a play entitled Beauty And The Beast two nights ago. We enjoyed watching the play very much except there were many moments when I had difficulty keeping my eyes open. There were strobe lights and flashing lights at many parts of the play. I closed my eyes during such moments but because of the high intensity of the bright, flashing and flickering lights in the dark convention hall I had great discomfort in my head. The play ended and I was relieved I did not have a seizure triggered by the lighting effects. I have never had a seizure triggered by bright, flashing and flickering lights before but I am not going to take any more chances after watching Beauty And The Beast play. Having read the link below I know how to play safe with lighting effects in the future.

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