Friday, May 23, 2008


I live in a country that has a great diversity of people of all sorts of races. It is a very interesting country to live in. Has anyone watched an old British comedy serial called "Mind Your Language"? In the comedy, Mr Brown (an English Class teacher) had loads of problems trying to correct foreign students' wrong pronounciations of English words.

In my years of epilepsy awareness work I have heard the word Epilepsy misread/wrongly pronounced in funny accents and strange ways.

Here are some very common ones - Ee pee leep sy, Yap pee lep sy, E plip sy, Yab by lep sy, Yip pee lep sy, Hip py lep sy, Ee lip sy and Happy lepsy.

Add on to the list if any of you have heard of wierd/wrong pronounciations of the word Epilepsy.

Please note my sharing has no negative/offensive intentions towards people with epilepsy (PWE) or caregivers of PWE.

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