Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Two Men Who Make My Epileptic Life Complete

Behind a man's success is a woman. In my special case, I have two men behind my achievements in my epilepsy awareness work. My out of the world (best) husband supports me relentlessly in every aspects of my life and work.

Cheong (my husband) fares a lot better in accepting my epilepsy in comparison to me. I have a tendency to forego my medication. My husband's biological clock is so accurate and the alarm rings right on time everyday telling me to take my medication.

Cheong is also very committed towards my epilepsy awareness work. He drives me to meetings, sponsors me to attend epilepsy conferences, donates towards my epilepsy fund, helps to set up my booth for epilepsy awareness work on weekends and the list goes on.

My son Edmund is a very obedient and hardworking person. He dedicates a lot of his time at my epilepsy awareness booth. He helps in disseminating epilepsy information to members of the public. At home, he manages my epilepsy blog, do home chores and cook dinner when I am still in meetings.

These two men are more valuable than pearls and precious gemstones found everywhere in the world. They see my sufferings and share my pain. They lift me up when I am down. They add sparkles to my life. They are like a rainbow over my head. They are my everything. We are a family of three working hand in hand, interlocked and intertwined in efforts to bring about a brighter tomorrow for people with epilepsy and caregivers.

I thank God unceasingly for making my life extremely worthy and meaningful with His great providence in the form of my husband and son.

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